What can we recycle?


Who can we recycle?

Offices, restaurants, hotels, and residents 

How does the program work?
We provide all necessary bins for the program. Each office is unique and a service representative will design a program that will work for you. The most important aspect in maintaining the program is educating all employees.

 How often does Ram pickup?
A schedule is arranged at the beginning of the program.
(Hotel & Restaurants: Monday-Saturday, Offices: Monday-Friday, Residential: Every other Friday)

What size are the bins?
22-gallon = 21″H 18″D 15″W
64-gallon = 39″H 25″D 20″W

How do we get in touch with a service representative?
To set up a meeting with a service representative or receive a prompt answer to your service questions call our corporate headquarters at (864) 556-2660, or email us at Info@ramrecyclingllc.com.