Introduction to Commercial Services 

RAM Recycling is in the business of conservation. That’s why we have designed a four-step introductory process that conserves your time while ensuring that we are creating the best recycling solution for your business. Whether you are in Greenville, or surrounding areas we can fit the glass recycling needs of your business.


The waste audit is conducted by trained and experienced members of our team. A simple walk-through of your office, restaurant or facility will give us the information we need to develop the best, most cost-effective recycling solution for your business.


Our recycling solutions are based completely on the needs of your business. The range of frequency for our services is from once a month to six days a week. Our staff will work with you to determine what solution will work best for your business. We supply a variety of containers for work stations, wait stations and hotels.


We offer educational sessions for all new clients, as well as seasonal and permanent employees. The key to maximizing the return on your company’s recycling solution is to educate all members of your staff on HOW and WHAT to recycle, and most importantly – to monitor your waste.


Ram Recycling will assess your business recycling solution on an annual basis, determining whether or not the solution still meets the needs of the business. This evaluation will tell us whether or not we need to update our scheduling of your pick-up, adjust the bin quantities at your location and address other service related issues. Evaluations are also available upon request.